woah hey tumblr after like 4 months

im considering taking up this blog again

but beware that it’s no longer going to be a band blog because i dont really listen to any of the bands that this blog was based off of before? so yeah wooh

neonvans said: I feel kind of bad for all of my followers but i dont really feel like making a new blog?? Idk

i feel youuuuu, it sucks leaving followers behind >.< idk in a few weeks i may be back on this one (unlikely but it’s possible haha)

neonvans said: Im slowly switching over to tv shows too. Ive been trying to make it subtle ahaha

hahaha;) they’re dangerous, they suck you in so quickly


hey anyone actually bothering to read this just wanted to say that i will be semi-abandoning this blog!! I no longer really have any interest  in what my original blog type was (and what attracted the majority of my current followers).

So firstly, my dash isn’t interesting to me anymore so instead of unfollowing like 700 ppl, it generally makes more sense to just restart. Also, if I just completely changed this blog, i’d be invading the dashboards of over 2000 people with stuff the majority of them probably dont care about and i dont want to do that :/

ANYWAYS i still will be checking and posting on this blog occasionally, but not often (sorry if i dont reply to many messages!)

My new blog is here: sociopathlocked.tumblr.com it’s going to be mostly tv shows, youtubers, and other random shit that i enjoy weeee.. if any of that stuff interests you then a follow would be so extremely appreciated!

Also, my ask box is still forever open there if anyone needs to talk :)